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The We Vote team’s purpose is to educate, not advocate. We provide tools to help organizations or individuals with political agendas to advocate for certain outcomes in an election, but we will not create limitations that favor one candidate or political party.
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40,000 Politicians, Millions of Facts. Great source of information. We Vote uses their data.
Dale M VoteSpotter, Inc.
VoteSpotter is a mobile app that connects you to your representatives. Get alerts when they vote, then tell them what you think. It's never been easier to make your voice heard.
According to one reviewer "The makers of the app are from The Mackinac Center, which is classified as a member of conservative and libertarian think tanks operating at the state level in Michigan."
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To see a demo, go to WeVote.me and add your Twitter handle to the URL. For example:
Dale M Find us on Twitter: @WeVote
Our vision video: www.WeVoteUSA.org
Be the first to see our launch: JoinWeVote.org
Volunteer here: www.WeVoteTeam.org 
Our Source Code
https://github.com/wevote/WebApp - React Javascript Web Application
https://github.com/wevote/WeVoteServer - Django Python API Server
Dale John McGrew
Co-founder, We Vote USA
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You can find the presentation here. Text/notes here.
Our design specification can be explored at http://start.WeVoteUSA.org 
Join Us - How You Can Help
  • Join our We Vote SF team. We meet weekly at the offices of Code for America in San Francisco.
  • Legal planning. We are aware of the limitations to what we can do under our 501(c)(3). We are still verifying that we can execute all of our plans under 501(c)(4) status, and would love help with this question, as well as looking at other possible legal structures.
  • Introductions to volunteers and donors
  • Organizational Outreach team. Introduce us to (friendly) advocacy organizations. We are seeking feedback from advocacy organizations on our designs and the premium services we could provide.
Knight News Challenge Winner. Debra Cleaver, Long Distance Voter
The latest We Vote team news can be found here: http://news.WeVoteUSA.org 
Book about the energy required to make decisions. Switch, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
Every existing Get-Out-The-Vote tool we can find.
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July 10-12, 2015
This is an ongoing project. Join us Wednesday nights in San Francisco if you are interested in helping to make the vision of We Vote come true. 
Take our voting survey here. Please watch our vision video at www.WeVoteUSA.org
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